Saturday, April 2, 2011

My first 5k

Well, I did it. I ran my first 5k. I have been running 3 miles the last couple weeks, so I wasn't terribly worried about not being able to finish it. I was nervous about the unknowns--what was it like to run a race with 6000 other people, etc.

A teacher friend, Kimberly, and I parked at another teacher friend, Leigh Anne's, house, then walked to the start line. This was Kimberly and I's first 5k, Leigh Anne's 5th. We got there about 20 minutes before the race...visited one of the 9000 port-a-pottys, stretched a little, people watched. Then it was go-time.

Leigh Anne is faster than us, so we didn't really run with her at all. Kimberly and I stayed together about a 1.5, then I dropped back a little and then lost her. I finished in 36 minutes, Kimberly in 35, and Leigh Anne in 30. It was a testament to how many people were running that I was only 1 minute behind Kimberly, but I couldn't see her. It was neat to hear my name when I cross the finish line, thanks to the chip on my shoe!

Bobby and the girls were on the left side of the road when I passed them first, then moved down by the finish so I saw them again when I was almost finished. Macy had been whiny about going, and it was sooooooooo nice to see them! After sitting through countless dance recitals, basketball games, soccer games, choir concerts, etc., it was nice for them to watch ME for a change! Bobby cheered me on with an inspirational "Almost finished! Push it!"

Some wrap up thoughts:
1. Some people should not wear Spandex. Do they not look in the mirror before they leave the house?
2. This was my first race, but it wasn't hard to figure out what to do. Don't cut in front of people so close that they almost trip.
3. Lady in black tights? I think something was supposed to go OVER those tights. I did not enjoy looking at your underwear through the tights.
4. Some people take this running thing VERY seriously.
5. After mile 2, the 5k merged with the 10k. Those people were zooming by.
6. This race thing is addictive. I've spent the last hour looking at races! Might try the doozy of all, the infamous Hospital Hill.

The three of us...Leigh Anne in pink, me in middle, Kimberly in black

Here's to our first 5k!

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