Friday, September 18, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

To help with team-building, and to have fun after a stressful deadline, I sent my newspaper kids on a scavenger hunt in the building today. It was great fun. Here's some of the more obscure ones:

Take a picture of the car in Parking Spot 242 w/ the number visible
1994 penny
Purple crayon
Blue headphones
Take a picture of Melissa Cole, Miss Peppy 1997’s brick out front
Post-it with Mrs. Harvey's signature
Picture of EVERY team member going down to the slide on the playground
Team member’s picture next to the shoe in Mr. Gates’ classroom
Whatever is in locker #’s 9, 74, 510, 982, 1001, 535, or 685 in the men’s auxiliary locker room. Bring me one. Leave the others.
Bottle of Victoria Secret lotion
Blue m&m

I did learn one main lesson--SPECIFY if you want them to bring the item back to you, or if a picture of the item is okay. And SPECIFY if printing a picture off the Internet is okay. Those high school kids are tricky.

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