Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day at the K

Yesterday we had free Royals tickets, so we headed out for the afternoon game.

The girls by our seats. We were in the outfield boxes, and we were quite impressed with the layout out there in the outfield.
By the fountains...
Again by the fountains...

We made it a 1/2 inning--"I'm thirsty...I'm hungry...I'm hot...I'm tired..." We stalled them until the third inning before giving in to snow cones.

Macy's teeth literally turned bright blue from the snow cone...

As always, the easiest way to keep Macy entertained is to let her have the digital camera. "Look, Mom! I can take pictures of myself."

Bobby wasn't feeling well, and it was HOT, so we left early. In the past, the girls have had more fun when we've gone with other people, so we'll remember that next time.

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