Sunday, September 20, 2009

Festival Named for an Outlaw

Yesterday was a local town festival honoring a "famous" outlaw. The parade is always huge--over a hundred entries, usually. The girls rode on the dance studio float.

Here's Macy and some of her dance friends--Paige, Josie, and Makayla.

Kaylin with some of her friends from school--Kaylee, Jessa and Ava. I worry about this little spirited child. Macy has such a great group of friends, and Kaylin just hasn't quite connected. She can make friends with a light pole, but sometimes she gets shy and hasn't figured out how to connect. Sitting by these girls for a couple hours helped, and hopefully will help at school as well.

After the parade, Macy had a dance performance. We (both sets of grandparents plus us) barely made it in time, and I did not get good pictures (or a video-ggrrrr) of the performace.

Here's my pretty girl... not only is she beautiful, but so smart, responsible, helpful and considerate too. You should have seen her today at lunch--taking drink orders, filling lemonade glasses, handing out napkins. So cute.

Macy and one of her best friends Paige.

Macy, Paige and Kaylin on the potato sack races. $3 a ride= CRAZY. This carnival was very proud of their rusty rides.

Overall, we had a nice weekend. Bobby's dad was in town, and we stayed busy. Ready for another busy week!

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