Friday, January 4, 2008

Interesting Christmas presents

Bobby's grandmother gave the girls two books for Christmas, along with the obligatory singing stuffed animals whose batteries mysteriously quit working. I'm sure she has no idea what she passed along in these books!

The first book was called "Little Monster's Word Book", and was published in 1977. Not all that exciting, but still a neat old book. Here's the cover:

And here's a page out of the book.

This second book is called "Chicken Little:Count to ten" and was published in 1965. The original edition was in 1946; wish we had that edition!!

Here's the first page:

Both books have held up really well, and are in pretty good shape. I wouldn't say mint condition, but no pages are ripped, no writing on the pages, the cover is solid. Both books were from the Salem Public School Library, and were withdrawn at some point. I have no idea how Grandma Velma got them.

It's interesting to me that the concepts of the books are the same as brand new books Macy and Kaylin have. The monster word book has pictures of different scenes, such as moving day,holidays, wintertime, along with the words next to them. The girls have many books like that, but with Barbie, Dora, Berenstein Bears, etc. The Chicken Little is a count to ten book, and tells a story with one cow, two elephants, three camels, etc. We also have many books with that same concept too. Interesting that while the characters and some situations might change through time, concepts stay strong for 30+ years.

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