Sunday, January 6, 2008

And that's why I love my dogs...

When Bobby took the job at Kearney, many of you know the hardest part for me was being alone at night when he was on his 24 hour shifts. Kobe, our black lab, is a good dog, but would lick anyone who tried to break in. Gabe, our American Eskimo, is the opposite. He's not quite as loving as Kobe, but boy, can he bark and protect. They make a good pair.

Last night Bobby was at the fire station. About 1:00 the dogs went nuts--barking their heads off. Woke up me and Macy. I grabbed my cell phone (because if someone was trying to break in, they would cut the phone lines, right? :) ) and looked out the window. I see the ambulance(Bobby driving) and the fire truck, and cop cars. Apparently they had a drunk diabetic that had an altercation with his brother. Gabe would not stop barking until they left. In fact, a neighbor came and stood in our driveway to watch. Gabe went even more nuts until the guy left. I know the guy could hear him.

And I went back to bed feeling safer. While it was just the fire truck and ambulance, the dogs didn't know that and definitely alerted me to what was going on.

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