Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We had the girls pictures taken last night. Normally at this place they take about 80-90 pictures, them alone and them together, with many different props and a couple changes of clothes. I told the photographer I was going to be difficult because I was so simple: I only wanted pictures of the girls together, I only wanted pictures of them in Bobby's fire gear, and I didn't want any props. He wasn't very happy with that, because as a photographer he is trained to do much more than that. He almost seemed like he couldn't figure out what to without any props.

When we got ready to leave, I said something about Bobby taking the girls down to Borders for their book while I waited for the pictures. The photographer said, "You bribe your kids with books?" as if I had just given them poison. I said yes, we've always bribed them with books. He quickly backpedaled and said, "well, I guess that's better than candy!" Exactly.

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