Sunday, August 12, 2007

Build a Bear

We promised the girls we'd take them to Build-a-Bear for new animals for the beginning of school. I figured a new preschool and starting kindergarten was cause for a new over-priced stuffed animal. We waited until Bobby was able to come, so we went this afternoon. Kaylin picked every one she saw, but eventually settled on a monkey. She struggled with the name too, but Bobby eventually helped her decide on "Blue Monkey Jay." Interesting choice...

Macy decided on a multicolored hippo. I was quite surprised, as she carried a pink cat around forever. She named hers "Furry Kindergarten." Another interesting name choice...

Ahh, they are actually smiling as they sit close to one another. For a moment, no one is hitting, yelling, or whining at the other.

Macy loves to carry Kaylin around piggy-back. So far, no major accidents have occured because of this. They both love it.

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