Monday, July 30, 2012

The one where we went to a concert and got a hug

Remember this post? About watching Big Time Rush at Worlds of Fun? Well, fast forward a year and Big Time Rush came to the Sprint Center. (talk about an upgrade in venue!) We got tickets back in February-ish, and have been anxiously counting down the days.

First up: dinner at Power and Light and some pictures!

Me and my pretty girls.
The whole crew...

We headed over to Sprint for the concert. We had bought the cheapest seats, and when we got there, we found out our seats had been moved closer (they closed the upper level) and we ended up with pretty great seats! Score!

This was more like a real concert than the one at WOF last year. BTR sang for over an hour, probably close to two. Girls were standing up, singing, dancing, acting goofy. They were seriously having the best time of their lives. I was enjoying watching them.  And then.

Carlos, one of the singers, came down at the end of our aisle, singing. All the guys were out in the audience like that.  Next thing I knew, girls were bolting down the aisle. Then a couple minutes later,  they were back, tears streaming down their faces. MACY GOT A HUG FROM CARLOS!! (in all caps because she was crying hysterically). I seriously thought she was going to hyperventilate.

My friend Jennifer took this, and sorry it's blurry. But seriously...look at Macy's face. She was barely holding it together!!

She talked about nothing else for days. She would walk up to people and say, "I got a hug from Carlos" instead of a hello. She won't let me wash the shirt she wore. Her sweat and Carlos' sweat had mingled on that shirt. It was beyond funny to listen to her.

Of course, as I put on Facebook, if any of the New Kids on the Block had hugged me when I was her age, I would reacted the same way.

One final picture as we were leaving Sprint:

According to the girls, it was "the best night of their lives and the best concert they've ever seen."

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