Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girl Scout Camp 2012

This last week was Girl Scout Camp, which was why I didn't blog at all. I spent the week with Macy's troop, because no one else will. We had a blast--weather was darn near perfect all week out at the lake.

Here's the group the first night, swimming.
Also the first night--fishing.
Later in the week--water gun fight. I started it, then stood by and took pictures, yelling the magic word "Pineapple!" that we said when we didn't want to get wet.
We won the Spirit Stick on Tuesday! Woo-hoo!!
Carving soap. Macy made a heart.
This was our flag for the week. Name was Chips Ahoy and 5D was our unit name.
Made a cactus with bread, glue, sticks, and lots of green paint.
Did archery in the rain on Friday morning. This is our second time doing archery, and the girls love it!
Water gun fight on the last day.
The last day we had a cooking contest against the other 5th grade groups. They gave us ingredients and we had to cook a meal for the judges. We made "pizza holsters"--cooked biscuits in a skillet, mixed precooked hamburger meat with tomato sauce and cheese, then stuffed the biscuits with the meat mixture. We were the only group all day, out of all 4th, 5th, and 6th grade troops, to stuff the biscuits. We also cooked canned potatoes, pinto beans, cheese and bacon bits in a skillet for "cheesy tots". It was a great experience for the girls, and we won "Best Western Theme".

They did a bunch of crafts, and played lots of games, as well as sung a ton of songs. We sang these songs enough that I sang them in my sleep.

Friday night we had a camp-out, with 9 people in the tent. It was crowded and smelled like stinky feet. The girls made farting noises and giggling until after 1am, and the bullhorn went off at 6 am. Yesterday was ROUGH. 

All in all, it was a great (but exhausting) week. Girls had a blast, and I love spending time with this troop and these girls. No one else will do much with the troop, so it's up to me at this point.

But just once-I want to be the parent sitting at home while my kids are the ones at camp. It is exhausting always being the one to volunteer to do stuff.

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