Saturday, March 1, 2008

Firefighting tales...

Bobby worked an overtime shift on Friday, and had a couple interesting calls. The first one was to an overweight, older man with congestive heart failure. Bobby had to do CPR, and said he could feel the man's ribs cracking under his hands. Another fireman said he could hear the ribs cracking. I've always heard that's how you know if you are doing CPR correctly. When he stopped doing chest compressions, he said you could see the imprints of his hands on the man's chest. The man didn't make it.

The girls and I went to the high school for a showcase night for their dance studio, a fundraiser for a trip to nationals. About 1/2 way through the show, another older man was showing signs of a stroke or heart problems. The show was stopped, and in comes Bobby and the others. The girls and I thought that was pretty cool, watching Bobby in action. They did a good job. He said later he forgot we were there. The man will be okay.

About 4 am they got a call to a car accident. He said the car was totally destroyed, rolled several times, and a mess. They came on the scene expecting fatalities. The driver was standing up, talking, covered in road rash. Probably the .176, two times the legal limit, he blew on the breathalyzer kept him from feeling much pain. He will be okay, but his third DWI will cause him some problems.

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