Sunday, March 23, 2008

A week's hiatus...

It's been a busy week! This week was spring break, and we decided to drive to Atlanta to see my brother and his family. We had a really great visit; when they come up at Christmas or Thanksgiving, we have to share them with both sides of the family and friends, so it was nice to have some one-on-one time. We didn't do anything big or exciting, just hung out. Julie made green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day, we played at the park, hiked up Kennesaw Mountain, went on a hike around Allatoona Lake, dyed Easter eggs and had 3 egg hunts. Josh is only 6 months younger than Kaylin, so they had a good time. We got to see the other cousins Lauren and Brandon a little, but they are 16 and 20, and busy, busy people.

My brother kept the kiddo's contained while Julie, Bobby and I hid the eggs in the yard. Here they are about to bust loose in excitement.

Stopping for a rest on the hike up Kennesaw Mountain. It is a national park, as it was a big battle during the Civil War on Sherman's quest to capture Atanta, and his march to the sea to Savannah. The hike is a mile, pretty much straight up. It was very very windy. Especially at the top!

Oh, no! This poor tree was going to fall down if Rod, Kaylin and Josh didn't prop it back up!!

The girls especially had a good time, and didn't want to leave. But we set out for Bobby's dad and grandmother's, to spend some time with them on the way home. Dyed more Easter eggs, had 2 more egg hunts, then headed for home.

During the week, I think we spent far more time in the car than anywhere else. The girls did fabulous, until the last 2 hour stretch from Columbia to home. I have a huge knot on the back of my head from a baby's bottle that was thrown (oh, sorry, mom, I didn't mean to hit anyone!!) and then we can't forget the cooking experiment--they dumped the rest of their fruit punch into an empty tub and poured in their goldfish crackers to see if they would float. Oh, to be young again.

Macy goes back to school tomorrow, but Kaylin and I have one more day. I really want to spend it laying around the house, but I will have to go in to work for a little bit.

I updated the pictures along the right hand side with pictures from our trip. Before we left I also updated the Books Read in 2008; if you click on the name of the book you will be able to get more information.

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