Friday, July 27, 2007

In Colorado

We left Wednesday night for Colorado. We weren't going to leave until Thursday morning, but we got packed and decided to go ahead and get started. We drove to Abilene, Kansas and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, because it had an indoor pool. The girls and Bobby played in the water for a while; because of my cast I had to watch.

The next morning we took off for Denver. It took us about 6 hours, and the girls did really well. A few squabbles, but nothing major. They actually slept the last hour or so, so that was nice. A friend of mine made us a CD, so Bobby and I listened to that a lot. There are some very lonely stretches across Kansas and Colorado. Bobby kept telling me we were moving out to some podunk town, but I wasn't fooled.

It has been good to spend some time with Eric and Marsha. Eric was Bobby's roommate all through college. They have Gabriella, who is 3, and Adam, who is 1. I'll post some pictures soon. The girls all had a sleepover in Gabriella's room last night. Eric is also a firefighter, so today Bobby did a 24-hour ride-along with Eric. It's a pretty busy station, and Bobby was hoping for a fire.

Marsha and I took the kids to the zoo today. Perfect weather, about 80 degrees and cloudy. Believe it or not, the girls liked the snakes and the bats best. The elephants, Mimi and Dolly, were a big hit too.

We'll be here until Monday, when we head up into the mountains for some camping. Can't wait!

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