Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pricey Branson

I grew up going to Branson every summer. My aunt and uncle owned a lake cabin near there, and it was a usual summer vacation spot. Great memories there.  Go-carts and Silver Dollar City, sometimes Shepheard of the Hills is what we'd hit. Maybe a show or two. Branson used to be a cheap vacation place for us when the girls were little. Not so much anymore.  I added up all the prices of everything the girls wanted to do while we were there. Prices are for 4 people, except the ejection seat because there is no way Bobby and I would do that one.

Ride the Ducks: $54
Dixie Stampede: $186
Ripley's Believe or Not: $54
Hannah's Maze of Mirrors/Wax Museum: $76
Ejection seat: $24 (just the girls)
Zipline: $120
Mini-golf $35
Titanic Museum: $61
Wild World: $50

Grand total: $660

Insane! I spent the entire time telling the girls, "No, we can't do that. Too expensive." I felt so bad, but they have no idea how much stuff costs. Just look at those prices! And that's not even including a show. We did go-carts, Silver Dollar City and White Water, and that was about it.

Time to find another cheap vacation spot.

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