Thursday, August 23, 2012

Instagram Fun

Just some random pictures I have taken lately, and ran through an Instagram filter.

Pumpkin patch in our front yard. The blooms are HUGE in the mornings. we hopefully will have a few pumpkins in a couple weeks. 

Macy stole her dad's tie at the wedding on Saturday night.
These little girls are as thick as thieves. Every day after school, they are either at our house or one of the other girls' houses all the way until bedtime. The mom's do the modern day version of yelling out the front door: we text each other to send our kid home.

Us at the wedding on Saturday night. There was a photobooth, and we may have gone in there 6 or 7 times.
My dad and his youngest granddaughters on his 73rd birthday last weekend
Macy has stolen my bike. Granted, I didn't use it much. But she's riding around on my super expensive mountain bike.

Just some slices of life around here!

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