Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend re-cap

Friday night Bobby's shift went out to the Ameristar buffet, and I believe I got my money's worth on the all-you-can-eat-crab legs. I may or may not have gone back four times for more crab legs. My hands may or may not have hurt from all the cracking.

Saturday I ran 3 miles (more on that later) then the girls and I were lazy in the afternoon. I spent some time researching how to tell if a hermit crab is dead, only to discover he might be moving into a bigger shell. Then I became Mom's Taxi carting them all over town for different events.

Yesterday was church, then I had to make a bunch of desserts and such for the Girl Scout Mother/Daughter Tea Party tonight. Bobby got called in to a fire that ended poorly for the house and the owner, and didn't get home until almost midnight.

This morning I woke up not able to put any weight on my right foot, and I have a doctor's appt here shortly for x-rays. The nurse at school said it's probably a stress fracture. Joy. I was going to run the Hospital Hill 5K in June...probably not now. I'm pretty irritated about it.

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