Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day, as Kaylin calls it

Had a lovely mom's day today. All the mom's got a rose at church, then we went to the firestation for lunch. Bobby was working, and all the men fixed a wonderful lunch of shrimp and pork tenderloin for us. It was nice! Then I sort of got a nap--interrupted many times about a puppet show downstairs, then off to dinner with my parents. The girls actually went to bed easily for once, which was really nice.

My present is "in the mail". I wonder if that means the same thing as the check is in the mail?

I received two wonderful cards from the girls. I wasn't allowed to look in their backpacks all weekend.


Thank you for loving me! thank you for letting me have pets. I love the way you take me on trips. Thank you for driving me everywhere. You help me when I am sad. Thank you for being our Girl Scout leader! Also I love the way you take me to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. You are very nice. You let me have awesome birthday parties like you let me have a pool party two years in a row. You help me get ready in time for basketball practice. You pay for me in dance. You also cook my favorite food! You are always there for me and I love you!

Wow...couldn't get any sweeter, could it?

Kaylin's card:
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for macing cooces for me. I love my mom. Thank you for taking car of me. Happy mom's day.

And a wonderful Happy Mom's Day to all of you!

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