Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow (or ice) day!

Today was a snow day for most of the schools around the Kansas City area. It was a much needed break for all, and I will never begrudge a day off from school, but we have deadline for newspaper on Thursday, so we'll have to work at warp speed Wednesday and Thursday to get done. It's also frustrating that we wasted a snow day, because the temperature rose just enough for the rain not to freeze, and the roads are fine. But the schools called off the night before, and I bet next time they wait until the morning.

Today is also Macy's 6th birthday. Fairly anti-climatic, as her party was Friday night and she got all her presents then. She was sad she didn't receive any in the mail today, but I explained that's what happens sometimes. We let her pick where she wanted to eat lunch, and she picked Burger King because of the "iDog" that comes in the kids meal. She was also sad she didn't get to go to school on her birthday.

Her basketball evaluations are tonight, and her dad is her coach. I'm interested to see how she shapes up with others her age--she's tall for her age, and I think she has pretty good basketball skills. I'm anxious to see if I'm just bias, or if she's good.