Thursday, December 27, 2007

She's Engaged!!!

My niece Lauren is now an engaged woman! Her boyfriend George Kinsella proposed to her on Christmas Eve, by putting an ornament on the tree with the ring tied to it. How cute! Lauren and George have been together for a long time. Lauren is in school at Western Georgia University, studying education. She's going to be a middle school teacher. (Yikes! Even I couldn't do that!) The wedding won't be for a while, but I wanted to post anyway.
Hard to believe she's old enough to get married. I was 11 when Lauren Nicole was born, and my parents watched her during the day for several years while my brother and sister-in-law were working. Most of my memories have her in them--the day she was born when the nurses wouldn't let me in because I wasn't old enough, the way she used to sprint away as soon as you unbuckled her car seat, watching cartoons, the way she'd talk with my friends on the phone, my trips to Atlanta to spend time with my brother's family, my wedding where she was a junior bridesmaid, how my mom, sister and she "kidnapped" me right before my wedding, her sweet, impish smile, the infectious giggle that she still has. I wish her and George all the best.

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