Monday, October 29, 2007

Boo at the Zoo!

Saturday afternoon my dad and I took the girls down to the Kansas City Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. It's an annual event that's lots of fun. There are about 25 stations where kids can trick or treat, plus they see the animals and other costumes.

Kaylin was Cinderella, and Macy was Hannah Montana. I've put a couple pictures of just her below, because she just looks absolutely different! She's squinting into the sun in these, but with those big brown eyes sticking it, it didn't even look like her.

I overheard about three people who were walking by say, "oh, look, it's Britney Spears!" I made sure to correct all of them--I didn't want anyone to think I would dress my child like Britney Spears! (Yes, Macy did have underwear on.) But to the casual observer, who didn't see Hannah Montana on her belt, or who didn't know who she was, I guess I could see where someone might think that.