Thursday, July 18, 2013

Girl Scout Camp

This year, Girl Scout camp was a little different. It was in a different place, run by different people, and Macy was a teen leader instead of a camper. I was the teen coordinator.

Here's the group of 20+ teens I was in charge of.

Sometimes teens get a bad rap, and are thought to be selfish, annoying, and not responsible. Not this bunch of teens, ranging from 11-16. Watching them lead a group of younger girls, working with other teens and adults, planning activities, and helping anywhere needed was pretty cool. Anytime another adult or myself asked the girls to do something, they did it right away. I went to my tent while they were still out with their groups, and they all got themselves to bed in the tent. They put worms on the hooks for the little girls, helped them get their lunches, played games, helped them with crafts, played with them in the pool or lake, and were great mentors for the little ones.  Several of them were put in jobs they didn't care for, but they made the best of it and by the end, on Saturday, they were all telling me how fun it was. It was incredibly rewarding to see.

Kaylin had a great time as well, as a camper. She LOVED her teen leaders, who did a great job with her group.

It is always tiring and burdensome to get the three of us ready for camp, and earlier in the week I said I wouldn't do this again. After about 2 days, I rethought that decision. :)

I love teaching, and one HUGE perk is having the summers off. Hopefully as the girls get older, they will think fondly on all the things we do in the summers, like Girl Scout camp.

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