Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cordoba and Sevilla pictures

View of Cordoba, another ancient city.
Moor mosque that was built in 785. This keyhole is important to Islam, and was all over the mosque. Easy to spot.
This was in the mosque as well.
Alleyway in Cordoba, with the cathedral in the background.
Not sure what is going on here, but these local men came out dressed as women. Funny!
The whole group in Sevilla at the courtyard where Star Wars was filmed.
Me holding everyone's purses in Sevilla.
 Me and Abby, the other teacher, in Sevilla
 Plaza and fountain in Sevilla
 This was somewhere in Sevilla..was really cool because the water reflected the ceiling. I have no earthly idea what the building was. :)
 I was obsessed with flowers in windows while there :)

 Wes, one of the students, at the Christopher Columbus Monument. He's buried there!
 View of Sevilla. We had to walk up 37 steep ramps. Calves were burning big time, but it was pretty.
 Flamenco dancing in Sevilla

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