Thursday, June 6, 2013

Middle School?!?!?!?

This week Macy had middle school orientation. She didn't want to go in alone, so I picked up Jessica and Kaylee. I took the pic below in the car rider line :)

I can't believe my Macy is old enough for middle school! Crazy how time flies.

Macy is on the Crusaders team, which was not her top choice, but she's okay with it. Quite a few friends are on that team, and best of all, a lady we go to church with and a good friend of mine will be her Com Arts teacher, and I'm so excited about that!

I'm not worried at all about Macy in middle school. She has it all together, and will do great. She's already excited about the different incentives, and she's a smart, bright girl who knows how to make good choices. No, not concerned at all. Excited for this next chapter in her life.

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