Monday, December 24, 2012

Introducing Roxy!

I know, I know...over a month since the blog has been updated. With Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, obviously I haven't been updating.

But I wanted to introduce you all to our newest family member, Roxy! She was an early Christmas present we picked up on Saturday night.

I'd been missing my Kobe, and in October, I started searching for a puppy that would be ready at Christmas. Most were way out of our price range--we are not on a $600 dog budget--and couldn't find any. Then, when I was in San Antonio before Thanksgiving, a friend of mine's dog had 15 puppies, and they would be ready to go home at Christmas. Dad is a chocolate lab, Mom is a labradoodle (1/2 lab, 1/2 poodle).   I managed to convince Bobby to get one, and we kept her a secret from the girls. I kept updated on her progress through Facebook, and finally, Saturday night she came home with us.

I left "to go shopping" and went to get her. She'd just had a bath, was wrapped in a pink blanket and very sleepy. I drove home on a snow-covered roads with her on my lap. I put her in a Christmas bag and placed her on the front porch. I called Bobby, who told the girls "There's a present on the front porch, go look for it!" and there she was.

She's very sweet, very playful when she's awake, and the girls are in love. Both have told me thank you about 50 times. She had a rough night Sunday night--lots of whimpering and crying---but that's to be expected. She's used to being warm and cozy with Mom and lots of brothers and sisters, and now she's sleeping alone in a crate with a pink blanket and stuffed animals.

That's the story of Roxy for now...enjoy the pictures and I'll try to keep updating more often.

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