Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday weekend!

Last week we took a little trip to Columbia. If you know me or Bobby at all, you know we like to do little trips and hate just staying home.

Kaylin had her MRI last Friday morning, and she did great! Watched Toy Story 3 and laid still for over an hour. She has been, and continues to be, a rock star with all her hip, spine, and teeth issues going on.

After that, we headed to Columbia for the weekend. Checked into the hotel, and Bobby took the girls swimming while I got a birthday nap in the hotel by myself! Beautiful!

Next stop was Shakespeare's--only the best pizza in CoMo, or the world.We love this place! Perfect birthday dinner.

Then we wandered around the iconic MU columns on a beautiful fall afternoon.  I LOVE that our girls like Mizzou as much as we do, and not just because we tell them too--they love Columbia and MU because we've taken them there, and they've grown up with it.

Kaylin and the columns:
Attempt #8 at a family pic--Kaylin is on my back, and Macy is on Bobby's.
My little budding photographer Macy took this one. She says she wants to be a photographer, and loves to take the big camera. She actually listens when I suggest things to make her pictures better. She came up with this one on her own!
Macy jumping off the columns. Took several times to get this one.
Both girls on the columns
Then we went to Hearnes Center for an MU volleyball game. Not the most glamorous way to spend my birthday, but our family was together having a good time, so that made it perfect.  We ran into Truman, MU won in 3 sets, and it was fun night.

Saturday we wandered around downtown in the little shops, bought some MU stuff, and ate at my  2nd favorite Columbia restaurant, Flat Branch. Then we headed to Rock Bridge State Park to do some exploring on the trails. The caves we went to several years ago were close due to "bat hibernation" and we were pretty disappointed. But we want to go back next summer when they are open and look around.

It was a perfect birthday weekend!

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