Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not so Wordless Wednesday

First of all, this new Blogger format is funky. Took me a second to figure out how to post!

We are slowly adjusting to life without Kobe. Or I should say, I am adjusting. I think this hit me the hardest.

A friend, my sister and I took 9 4th graders camping this weekend for Girl Scouts. After the men set up the tents, they left it and it was all us. I was so proud of the girls--they took turns cleaning and cooking, and basically doing everything. The first night it got down to 32 degrees, and it was FREEZING. Saturday was chilly to start, but was a beautiful day. Kaylin was there with her troop, and I got to watch her do the zipline. She was awesome! Saturday night we got to look through super expensive and super high tech telescopes at Saturn, Jupiter and the Chinese space station. Saturday night was very windy, and the three girls in my tent and I were up from about 2-4, listening to the wind, watching it knock the sides of the tent over and having to push it back up. Of the 9 girls that went, only 3 or 4 had any experience camping. The girls did great, and I was proud of them.

The girls were in a musical at church Sunday night. Macy was one of the main parts, and Kaylin had a solo. When we started going to church there, there were 2 girls, including Macy, and 4 boys in the choir. Sunday night, there were about 25 kids on stage! Love our church, and love that there are so many opportunities for the girls.

Monday at school, I tripped UP the stairs, banged my knee and shin on the concrete step, and broke the glass bowl I was carrying--shattered all over the stairs just as the kids were coming back from lunch. Good times. Then that night, I tripped down the stairs to the garage. Kaylin was in front of me,and I shoved her out of the way to avoid falling on her. More damage to the knee. It's to the point now that I took the elevator today at school to avoid falling down the stairs.

Macy's been a little under the weather yesterday and today. She probably could have gone back today if we'd forced it, but she enjoyed a day of hanging out on the couch with Grandpa and Grandma instead.

19 days of school left, and I have SO much to cram in during that time. Then summer...oh, summer...lazy, lazy, lazy days of summer ahead.

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