Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pictures until I can gather my thoughts

Last night was the girls first real concert experience. If you've read here for a while, you know I am a concert-lover. Last night we went to Arrowhead for the Taylor Swift concert. I'm too tired to put into words the night, so for now, enjoy these pictures with minimal commentary and tomorrow I'll fill in the gaps.

All the girls met at my house for pictures, and went to Rancho for dinner. They all look very unhappy here, but I promise you they were excited.
 My sister and niece. Her first concert and trip to Arrowhead too.
 Me and the girls. This picture showed me two things--I need a haircut and Macy is seriously almost as tall as me.
 Macy pretending to fall off the upper level of Arrowhead. Our seats were in the 7th row of the upper deck. Really, not bad at all for the cheapest tickets. (Cheapest being $57 apiece. Yowsers.)
 All 5 girls doing the "heart" symbol
 Macy and Kaylee
 Me and Amy (Kaylee's mom) This was the 3rd try. Apparently I like closing my eyes in pictures.
 My sister and niece on the complete opposite side of Arrowhead. She's on the phone with me. :) Amy was pretty impressed with her camera's ability to zoom that far.
 Macy, Kaylee and Tess.
 Taylor's encore...she flew over the audience in this balcony thing. Pretty cool.
 I think this was "Mean"
 Hannah and Macy in parking lot
 These two (and Hannah) screamed from the moment they got out of the car until the concert started.
 Macy's first visit to Arrowhead.
 Me and Kaylin. She literally has thanked me about 25 times for the tickets and the shirt. She is so sweet.
 Me and Macy.
 Enjoying her cotton candy immensely.
That's our night in pictures. Tomorrow, I promise, I'll tell the details.

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