Monday, September 12, 2011

At the Circus!

Yesterday we headed down to the circus. The magazine I write for passed along free tickets, so that made it even better. None of us had ever been, and weren't sure what to expect. The line to get into Sprint security was LONG and it was warm outside. But I'm thankful they were taking security measures seriously, especially considering the day. The girls had never been to the Sprint Center and were excited about seeing it.

We didn't make it in time to attend the pre-circus festivities. You can see all the people down on the floor

The night before, Kaylin had spent the night with a friend, and was apparently VERY tired. She kept falling asleep during the 1st half--yes, falling asleep during the circus!! Who does that? I kept poking her, talking to her, and finally made her sit on my lap and not lean back. That seemed to do the trick.

Well, that and the massive amount of sugar in a bag we bought during intermission. Hey, it came with a hat too!

If you haven't been to the circus, I highly recommend it. We had a fabulous time (Kaylin did after she woke up). I always ask what their favorite part was, to the point where they know the question is coming as soon as we get in the car.

Bobby--the motorcycles inside the big dome
Me--the elephants and the trapzee artists
Macy--the tigers
Kaylin-- the tightrope walkers and motorcycle guy on tightrope

I didn't take any other pictures inside, but I can assure you it was awesome.

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