Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working Girls (but not that kind)

Macy has her first official job. She has been recruited by our next door neighbor--a big burly concrete worker who has a ton of flowers--to water his flowers every morning for him. His wife won't do it, and he's tired of being late to work because he's watering the flowers. So he asked her to water them every morning, before the sun gets hot, for $10 a day. She is seriously seeing dollar signs in her head, and has done the math a million times to see how long it will take her to save for the iPod touch (30 days) that I won't buy her.

We'll see how it goes. He even offered Kaylin $2 a day to come help, but it is Macy's gig. She's been asking for a savings account, so when she gets her first weekly paycheck, I'll take her to the bank and start an account.

I started back today too. The first day is an accomplish nothing day, but I did make some to-do lists for tomorrow! I have ANOTHER student teacher, so I'll only be teaching the first two weeks, then picking back up in early November.

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