Friday, August 19, 2011

First day 11-12

Tuesday was the girls' first day--yes, I know this is 4 days late. I've been busy and so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Oh my can she be 7??

And this sweetheart...almost 10!! She will pass me in height this school year, and you'll hear about it, I'm sure, in great detail.

Macy and her teacher, Mrs. Gustusfon. Macy was head over heels with excitement that she doesn't have a "real" desk, but a table with a computer on it. 
Kaylee, Jessica and Macy
Macy and Paige
Kaylin and her teacher, Mrs. Jacobsen. Not sure her teacher could be any sweeter. Had a class picnic before the year started, and has called to make sure all the kids had a good couple days of school.
Kaylin and Hannah

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