Friday, October 19, 2012

Day at North

Today, the girls were off school, but I wasn't. Bobby had to work, so they spent the day with me at North. Now that they are old enough to do that, it's so much easier. Here's a schedule of our day:

Before school:
Bought donuts from the Gateway kids
Went to one of the science rooms to see the animals.
Got to feed the turtles Larry and Curly (Mo lives somewhere else) some worms for breakfast

1st Hour:       
My plan hour; several students in j-lab and we looked up our Honey Boo Boo names on a              nickname generator.

2nd Hour: Newspaper
I talked with students, girls cut out out pictures of Taylor Swift, colored them and decorated a folder.

3rd Hour: Com Arts 3 (Junior English)
We were in the LMC computer lab. Girls played games on the computer, a student helped them get their headphones working so they could listen to music with their games.

4th hour: Com Arts 3 (Junior English)
Still in LMC computer lab. Girls getting bored with computer, did some rolling around on the chair with wheels and started bugging me about when lunch was.

5th hour: Lunch and Advanced Publications
We went to the Sculpture classroom to look at the creations. We looked at finished ones and talked with my students about what they were currently making. Girls most impressed with a cheerleader's Hello Kitty sculpture and a male student's bear without a head. We ate lunch, then a student showed them how to do Gangam style correctly--if you haven't watched Gangam style, google it--and we watched a bunch of You Tube video's.

6th hour: Com Arts 3 (Junior English)
Back to LMC. More videos and playing on computer.

7th hour: Creative Writing
Back in my classroom, girls colored and got to witness a student freak-out on his project partner and use some language I would rather they not have heard yet.

It was a fun day. I didn't feel 100% and was afraid they'd be a nuisance, but they were fine. The students were super polite to them, although I heard 85 times "Is it Take Your Child to Work Day?" and "Is your daughter taller than you?"

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